The Body Client


A short feature film of director Alexander Frank about a young man, who is unable to pay back his student loans. He is hunted down by the Citizens Financing Office, which gives him one way to escape imprisonment: offer his services to the Body Client.


 I created the Visual Effects

(list below) and Title intro.

My job: creation of the 3D holographic dancing woman
-taser lightnings
- multiple flashing eyes in different colors
-removal and replacement of font on a building

-motiongraphic smartphone screen animation
-animation of the title screen


Client: Alexander Frank, Leo Dorian Stiebeling

Director: Alexander Frank
VFX Supervisor & Designer:

| Motiongraphic Animator

| Title Animation: Paul V. Mayer


Short Feature Film


After Effects

Trapcode Particular

Trapcod Form

Cinema 4D



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